A Keto-Shopping Guide: Everything You Need On One List

If it’s your first time on the Keto diet, you might need a little help walking down the supermarket aisle with your old shopping list in your head.

If your ideal situation isn’t skipping over a few of your favorite things, there’s a way to avoid all the stress but still keep to the diet.

In this article, we‘re going to give you a one-stop-shop list to help you get everything you could ever need—or want—to help you stay on top of your Keto Diet.

Everything-You-Need Grocery List

Ever feel like you forgot something as soon as you’re walking out of the supermarket doors?

Too lazy to research and write a list or look in the kitchen for inspiration?

Ketogenic diet concept – low carb healthy food

Since this diet involves a high-fat and low-to-no carb mentality, your choices are limited. Here’s everything you need in one place:

1. Veggies Very Low in Carbs

The lower their carb number, the better. This section is quite simple—stock up on all those veggies that you used to hate as a kid—spinach, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, and eggplant, etc.

Grab for the vegetables that you know (or have researched) are high in antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

Veggies are also a great opportunity to that “noodle” or “rice” fix when you’re looking for a Keto-approved substitute.

If you go frozen rather than fresh, that’s okay, too—you can actually even add those (like kale or spinach) into smoothies.

2. Fruits With a Reduction in Sugar

Low carb fruits that are also low in sugar should be your go-to on the Keto Diet.

Reach for avocados—rated as one of the best Keto-friendly foods with healthy fats and nutrients and berries—from strawberries to raspberries as a sweet treat.

You can also think out of the box and stock up on tomatoes, coconut slices, lemons, and limes. 

3. Poultry/Meat and Protein-Packed Eggs

You won’t go low in protein reaching for these grocery items.

From organic chicken to turkey, grass-fed beef, venison, pork, and lamb, these meat products will give your body the healthy fats and protein you need to sustain your energy levels.

If you see words like non-GMO or sans nitrates and preservatives, even better!

Eggs—especially if you’re a vegetarian—can be a great source of protein. Boiling eggs ahead of times for easy on-the-go foods can be an ideal snack or protein-packed side dish for lunch.

While we’re talking about meats, we might as well mention seafood and fish, which can also be Keto-approved.

To help you stick with the meal plan, opt for fresh fish like salmon or mackerel, or pan-fry sardines with Keto-approved oil (see below).

You can also always switch it up with some shrimp, crab, tuna, mussels or cod for an adequate source of healthy fats and protein.

4. Keto-Approved Oils

Cooking on the Keto Diet can get a bit complicated if you don’t have the right ingredients. The Keto-Approved oils to cook with or drizzle on your salads include:

  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
    • Avocado Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Nut Oils
    • Coconut Butter
    • MCT Oil
    • Also—Grass-Fed Ghee is another cooking option

5.  Slip Down the Dairy Aisle

Don’t forget your Vitamin D while on the Keto Diet!

Some important foods to pick up while you’re out include grass-fed, organic cheese, plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, Quark, and nut milk (to help you avoid the extra carbs that come in regular milk).

6. Snacks for When You’ve Got the Munchies

Craving a snack in between meals?

Stock up on Keto-approved snacks so you’re prepared.

From sugar-free jerky to dried seaweed (it’s an acquired taste—give it a try!) to different kinds of Keto-approved nuts, there are so many different options for the munchies. There are also low-carb crackers (generally made out of Flax or Chia seeds) that can help kick the craving. 

7. Condiments to Spice It Up

Although regular ketchup isn’t approved, there is a variety of different options to choose from to help spice up some plain food with olive oil mayo or oil-based salad dressings.

At the health store, you can find no-added-sugar options like unsweetened ketchup or healthier options that can keep you in ketosis.

8. Coffee and Tea for that Quick Espresso Shot

Just because you’re on a diet, doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the fun!

Trying to kick the caffeine is hard enough without having to change up your entire diet! Fortunately, going Keto doesn’t mean that you also have to cut caffeine. As long as the coffee and tea are unsweetened, you’re good to go!

9. Don’t Forget the Chocolate!

Yes, you read that right! On the Keto diet, you can add dark chocolate to your shopping cart for a little sweet tooth, guilt-free craving.

There are also sugar-free, non-GMO options out there if you look hard enough! These Keto-approved chocolates are also not necessarily super bitter, either, so you really will be able to get that sweet tooth craving dealt with!

If you can’t find and specific “Keto-Approved” chocolates, go for 70 percent cacao.

10. Last-Minute Frozen Foods

Going on the Keto Diet doesn’t mean you have to be 100 percent prepared at all times!

If you’re used to being able to reach for that freezer/already prepared food, you don’t have to skip this convenience on the Keto Diet.

There are so many different options you can pick up at select grocery stores like cauliflower pizza or frozen frittatas.

Add to Cart

We hope this guide has helped you navigate through your local supermarket without feeling overwhelmed about staying on track with your Keto Diet.

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