Going nuts for NUTS!

How to go Nuts on the Keto Diet: Keto-Approved Nuts and Seeds

While on the Keto Diet—especially in the first go-around—you might be struggling to find some good snack options that can help keep you satisfied in between meals or simply something Keto-approved to munch on while at work or lounging around.

However, being diligent enough to look up every type of nut to see if it’s Keto-approved can be quite a task—you’ll most likely spend more time looking up the wide variety of nuts more than you would actually snacking!

When trying to meet your target macros, you need to be chomping on the right type of nut or seed to be able to stay in ketosis—just one little mistake can throw you off!

In this article, we’re going to go through the various features you’ll need to know about the Keto-welcomed nuts and seeds and everything you need to know to NOT go nuts over picking the right kind of nut. 

What’s in a Nut?

For a baseline, you’ll want to pick out the nuts and seeds that measure higher in healthy fats rather than carbs, which can help keep your glucose levels down. 

If you pick out the right snacking foods, you can work towards reducing your chances of getting diabetes, improving your fiber levels, and supporting positive gut bacteria.

Other benefits of the right nuts and seeds can also:

  1. Welcome a ton of combat antioxidants that can help fight your battles for you.
  2. Reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer (especially endometrial cancer), and inflammation in your body.
  3. Keep your weight to a minimum with the reduction of speed to your digestion and its ability to absorb fat like it’s working for a promotion.
  4. Give your body the essential nutrients it needs generally found in monounsaturated fatty acids.

Picking Out Your New Fave Nuts:

Since there are so many different types of nuts and seeds out there for you to choose from, we’ve separated ten of our favorite types of nuts that are Keto-approved and ready for snacking.

Keto-Approved Seeds:

  1. Flax Seeds: This seemingly tasteless seed is a great add-in for your shakes, morning bowl of cereal or cup of yogurt. Skyrocketing in fiber and dangerously low in carbs, flax seeds are Keto-approved and health-suggested.
  • Chia Seeds: Chocked with fat to stay on track with your Keto Diet, these handy seeds can easily be tossed into snacks or shakes. The Chia seed is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, which help boost weight loss.
  • Sunflower Seeds: If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor snack (we don’t think your boss would appreciate sunflower shells all over the floor), a bag of sunflower seeds are keto-approved and snack ready. These seeds also work on the reduction of inflammation of your body, with its vitamin E and flavonoids.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Not only in season around Halloween, but these seeds are also great to snack on all year round. With superpowers to reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar, these seeds can easily be sprinkled on your salad or roasted and eaten on their own.
  • Hemp Seeds: For a plant-powered, protein-packed seed, hemp seeds are not only Keto-approved, but they also help reduce blood pressure and help protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. They are easy to add to oatmeal, salads, and shakes. 

Keto-Approved Nuts:

  1. Pecans: These powerful nuts are low carb and Keto-approved. They also do wonders in reducing insulin levels—making it a great find for people with diabetes.
  • Macadamia: High in fat and low in carbs, this Keto-approved nut is a perfect baking additive that actually helps lower your cholesterol levels! You can also eat these nuts on their own, as well.
  • Pine Nuts: Benefitting your blood flow, antioxidants, and suppressing your appetite, pine nuts can help you stay on track with your Keto diet.
  • Walnuts: Targeting the health of your heart and brain, these Keto-approved nuts are also great for reducing inflammation throughout the body, as well.
  • Hazelnuts: Even though you may think this makes it okay for you to eat a whole jar of Nutella—it’s unfortunately not really Keto-approved. The actual nut is low in carbs, helps support HDL levels, and is packed with nutrients you need to maintain good health.

How Much is Too Much?

Although after reading the article, you may have found the right kinds of nuts and seeds to snack on, it doesn’t mean you should go nuts with eating them throughout the day. Moderation here is key! 

The great part about snacking on nuts and seeds or adding them to your diet is its variety. Whether it’s your first Keto diet experience or you’re a veteran when it comes to getting your body into ketosis, you might have come across quite a few options of foods, butters, and baked goods that contain the right types of nuts mentioned up above.

Especially if you’re tired of chewing on that seedy texture in your shakes or snacking on hard nuts (your teeth will thank you), you can easily find the same nutritional benefits and minerals in organic butters or bars. The best kinds of products containing these nuts and seeds that are Keto-approved will be sugar-free, plant-based vegan, keto- or paleo-friendly. If you find these foods which are also gluten-free, kosher, and verified non-GMO, then you’ve definitely hit the jackpot! 

Now You Can Go Nuts

On the Keto diet, it might be a bit difficult to find certain foods that you can snack on that may not feel as if you’re being healthy. However, nuts and seeds can be the Keto-approved snack you’ve been craving for.

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