The Hidden Don’ts of Keto

Whether this is your first time trying the Keto Diet out or you’ve tackled the semi-strict lifestyle before, investing in as much knowledge as you can about the research behind the meal plan guide will help you succeed in cleansing and getting the most out of the program.

If you’re unfamiliar about how it works, the Keto diet is a low carb, high in fat diet that helps send your body into ketosis. This stage is where your body naturally turns fat into fuel and bypasses the need for carbs for energy.

Hundreds of thousands of people are turning to Keto when it comes to weight loss—but the diet can only truly be successful when done correctly, properly sending your body into this state of ketosis.

So, whether you’ve tried it out before and hasn’t fully worked for your benefit or you’re wanting to try it out for the first time, this article can help guide you through some of the trickier points of the Keto Diet.

You might have heard some of these tips before—or have been following a well-scripted guide online. However, we want to help remind you about some of these things to avoid when going Keto—these tips—although they may sound seemingly detailed and small can actually have a major impact on the success of your diet.

So, before going Keto, here are some actions, foods, and drinks to avoid while trying to send your body into ketosis.

The Keto Don’ts—Foods and Drinks

Although you may think you’re doing it right, there are a few hidden finer details that you should best avoid to help send your body into ketosis.

All Fruits are NOT Game: For example, although you might think that all fruits are game on this nutrition plan, fruits that may seem harmless can possibly be stocked with carbohydrates from high-sugar fruits, like bananas, mangoes, and grapes.

Watch Out for Liquids: You may think you’re in line with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals—however, your intake of beverages might be your Achilles heel—without even realizing it.

There are a ton of beverages that you might be consuming daily that can be harmful to your Keto diet success, like milk, soda, juice, sports drinks, and even smoothies. Of course, on Keto, alcohol like beer, wine, and mixed drinks are also a big no-no. Although you might be eating right, these extra sips can hurt your progress. 

Don’t Go Nuts for Nuts: A huge thumbs up on the Keto Diet are nuts since they’re generally high in fat. However, not all nuts are the same. Certain nuts, like cashews, pistachios, and pine are carb-loaded—throwing you off track.

If you’re feeling like snacking, stick to low-carb nuts like pecans and macadamias.

The Keto Don’ts: Principles

You might be following the diet to a “T” when it comes to picking out the right foods and drinks to help you stay on track. However, executing the Keto Diet correctly also means that you have to have the right mindset from the get-go.

To help guide you through the process, here are a few “don’ts” to avoid when going Keto:

Don’t Use Keto for a One-time “Quick Fix”: If you’re looking for a fast-cleansing system, you might be considering going Keto for the time being. However, rather than being used for a short, 3-day cleansing system, this weight loss effective diet is more of a lifestyle choice.

Although it is effective as a fast, weight loss solution, going back to your regular diet after going through ketosis can pop you right back to where you were before—or worse.

Don’t Be Mistaken: Keto is NOT the same as Low Carb: The science behind the Keto Diet, although still relatively new, puts the state of ketosis at its forefront, which makes it significantly different than any low-carb diet out there.

Don’t Jump into the Diet Without Consulting Your Doctor: Especially if you have a history of previous medical conditions, you definitely want to check with your doctor to see if you’re okay to put your body into a state of ketosis before taking on the Keto Diet.

If you have conditions that involve your cardiovascular system or if you have diabetes, you might not be an excellent candidate for this lifestyle. Always having this checkup before you venture forward on the Keto Diet is extremely important to you and your health.

The Keto Don’ts: A Few Last Minute Notes

Before we give you the green light, here are a few more don’ts to mention:

Even though it may feel right to eat “low-in-fat” foods while being on a “diet”, you should avoid them on Keto.

Ketogenic diet concept – low carb healthy food

The whole point of the Keto Diet is to go for the high-in-fat, low-carb foods that really kicks your body into Ketosis. You should actually be prioritizing foods that are higher in fat. If you’re struggling to get these foods down, you can try quick add-ons like olive oil, avocado, and cheese.

There are “Bad Fats” for the Keto Diet—so, you should avoid those, too.

Even though you may think all high-fat foods are game, there are a few different oils that can really mess with your progress, like corn, vegetable, and canola oil.

If you’re unsure about the fat and nutrition content of a particular food or condiment—look it up BEFORE you eat—not after!

Certain veggies are also no-gos.

Take a look at a full-fledged Keto Shopping List to help you decide which veggies are best to send you (and keep you) in ketosis.

Some vegetables to avoid include sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and even corn.

Keeping in line with Keto

Most Keto guides can help you work out the kinks of your go-tos and your no-ways when it comes to your grocery store shopping list.

Keto paleo diet scared Asian woman of the negative effects of weight loss food eating salad of beef meat. Funny face girl worried of unhealthy take out eat.

In general, stay away from grains, beans, alcohol, sweeteners, and even condiments. If you’re ever in any doubt, it’s always best to look up the contents of what a certain type of food or drink contains before moving forward with it—it’s easier to avoid than undo! Even the smallest of mistakes can hinder your body’s chances of successfully getting into ketosis.

We hope this article has helped you succeed on the Keto Diet and get the results (and change in your lifestyle) that you’re looking for!

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