Top 5 Keto Apps of 2020

Your Phone, Friend, and Guide on the Keto Diet: The Best Ketogenic Diet Apps of 2020

Dieting used to be restricted to following a point-plan, getting pre-packaged food in the mail or constantly searching for recipes to fit your diet’s restrictions.

And although you have always felt you would do anything to lose that extra bit of weight and get in shape, the diets of the past don’t leave much freedom in choice.

However, with the Keto Diet, you’re free to choose, cook—even bake, and control how you stay in Ketosis.

If you’re getting tired of just sticking with what you know and need help sticking with the refrains of the diet, these helpful Keto Diet Apps of 2020 can steer you right, give you advice, offer recipes, and keep you in ketosis, right at the tips of your fingers:

1. Total Keto Diet

Whether you’re a Keto-Know-It-All or you’re just starting out on this ketosis adventure for the first time, the Total Keto Diet by Tasteaholics can be a great resource to use while in the kitchen, shopping for food or planning your next meal.

With the app, you’ll have access to thousands of recipes and blog articles that can help you stay in ketosis in creative ways. You can also stay in-touch with Keto dieters like you with a Keto News Feed, bringing you the latest studies and statistics in the Keto World.

Not only do you have a resource that gives you access to news, recipes, and info, you’ll also have an interactive guide that offers a keto calculator, macro tracker, food database, and beginner’s keto guide (perfect for an all-around resource).

In the Kitchen: You’ll have full access to their expansive recipe library.

At the Store: Pick out ingredients in their shopping list feature.

2. MyFitnessPal

Although not specifically designed for Keto Dieters, MyFitnessPal is a totally-free app (paid upgrade also available) that helps users keep track of their nutrition as a calorie counter as well as provide a fitness diary for calorie expenditure.

With a massive database of food, the app won’t leave you searching for your meal or brand of choice to plug into their calorie-counting formula.

Perfect for the low-to-no carb dieter, you can assign ideal macro percentages to help you stay on track with your diet and in Ketosis.

While you’re doing the diet, MyFitnessPal also helps you keep track of your weight and body measurements, which is great for progression monitoring. 

3. Senza

Designed with the beginner in mind, this app gives you a basic, free version of the app, which comes with a 5-day starter guide as well as a macro calculator to help you count your carbs and keep track of your protein-fat intake to be able to help you remain in ketosis.

Senza makes inputting food easy with access to scan barcodes, picking from restaurant menus, and sifting through keto-specific foods.

As if having a Keto-centered nutritionist in your hand, Senza also offers food recommendations and a keto diet expert guide to help you through the first few meals of and process of Keto dieting—who also sends you tips and ideas on the daily.

From free to just $5.99 a month, Senza is a handy (and cost-effective) investment.

4. Cronometer

With the database of over300,000 different foods, you won’t have to worry about finding your favorite Keto-based recipes.

If you perhaps are more detail-oriented, this app is more your style. By being professionally connected to USDA databases, you’ll have access to over sixty different micronutrients to help you stay in ketosis.

Especially if you’re past the beginner stage of the Keto diet, taking your focus past just fats, protein, and carbs can help you get into a level of ketosis you never have before with important data about vitamins, minerals, and fiber

Apart from keeping track of your intake, the Cronometer also records your outtake, with the possibility of you recording your workouts on the app—and then calculating intake vs. outtake.

5. FatSecret

For the low, low price of being totally free, the “key to success” app gives you a community to join and a secret to keep—the key to sticking with your diet.

Featuring a calorie and macro counter, you can use this sum up your total numbers on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis—which is great if you’re looking to figure out what went wrong when comparing fat or weight loss from one week or month to the next.

FatSecret also allows you to keep track of your net carbs and total carbs, as well as your macronutrients, potassium, and sodium, which are crucial to know to be able to stay in ketosis.

One of the best parts about this app is the fact that it has 50 regional versions—with access to the variety of different and unique products in that particular country. With this huge database of international food, you won’t have any problem finding the ingredient you’re holding in your hands and if you somehow don’t—you can easily add a new product in the database.

With such a restrictive diet like Keto, you really need to be ahead of the game when it comes to calculating, keeping track, and finding ingredients and recipes to keep you in ketosis.

You’re already having to keep in track of finances, family life, and tasks at work—why should your nutrition be just as daunting?

With these apps, you can easily get into and stay in ketosis, keep track of the breakdown of the foods you’re eating, and learn how to maximize your weight loss with tips, guides, and nutritionist-backed advice.

So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, want to keep track of your intake or outtake, find recipes, need help creating shopping lists or organize your meal plan for the Keto Diet, we hope these apps can help you stay on track and motivated to reach your goals.

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